N102 Final Project


This is the one created from scratch using Photoshop.  I used the elipse tool, fill, brush tools, and blending mode to create this outer space type image.

. wright-amanda-from-scratch

Screen Shot-From-Scratch




This is the one aimed towards children.  I also created this one from scratch, using Photoshop.  I used various sizes of the paint brush and different layers to created this cartoon little chinese girl.


Screen Shot-For-Children



This photo is a still I took from a video that I personally shot.  This is the one based on a color.  I used the Quick Selection tool to isolate the guitar from the rest of the picture.  I then used Hue/Saturation to remove the color from everything other than the guitar and to boost the vibrancy of the guitar a bit.  I also added a vignette around the entire photo.







This is a photo that I took.  This is the one based on a photograph.  For this one I started off by painstakingly using the Patch tool to meticulously remove/perfect the pores on the subjects nose, some blemishes on her cheek and a few marks on her hands.  I then used Levels to adjust the overall “lighting” and color of the image.  I also used Hue/Saturation to boost the overall color a bit.  I then added a slight vignette to put more focus on the subject.








This is the one based on typography.  I created custom text brushes using the words “Heart” and “Break.”  I then went in and created a drawing of a broken heart, using the new word brushes.





I combined the next two photos (Courtesy of Morguefile.com) to create one final photo.  I used a combination of the Quick Selection Tool and the Lasso Tool to select and isolate the butterfly, to remove it from its original picture.  I then placed it on the dogs nose, adjusted it using the Transform function (including resizing by scale, perspective and distort) and changed the color of it using Hue/Saturation.  I then used the Quick Selection Tool to select and isolate the dog and used Color Balance to adjust the color of the dog to a more lively, golden color.  Here are the original links to the Morguefile images:  http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/877336    and   http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/863579.











I used the following two images from Morguefile, to create the third image.  This is the one “of my choosing.”  I first dragged the tarsier image onto the one of the building.  Then I isolated the tarsier from the rest of the image, using a layer mask.  I adjust the size by using Transform.  I placed the tarsier on the building and adjusted the Exposure and the Saturation of the tarsier.  I then added the text “King Who?” to the image.  Here are the original links to the Morguefile images:  http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/679641    and    http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/865184









This is the completely vector one.  I created this scene of a bear watching a sunset, from scratch in Illustrator using the Ellipse, Rectangle and Paintbrush tools.












Observe the reaction

Honestly, I was so caught up in talking and just getting my fears out, it was a little difficult to observe the reactions of the class. Plus, I didn’t really want to look at people too much while I was talking about it because that would have just made it that more difficult. 

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect beyond people just listening and maybe a few responding if they shared the same fear(s).  The amount of people who wrote down their names on my index cards of fears surprised me a little. Not many people spoke up about the shared fears, but far more seemed to feel comfortable claiming a fear on paper by writing down their name.  It was quite interesting to see who shared what fears with me.

I’m not sure I would change how my fear presentation went.  I’m actually pretty satisfied with how it went.  I’m sure there are many things I could have done differently…in fact I had few different ideas about what to do.  I thought about doing a video of some sort, or make a collage or write/draw out some fears, I even thought about going out to a karaoke bar, singing and have someone record the event and then show it in class.  However, ultimately I am happy with what I did because talking through my fears, letting them out, was really hard, but it felt good after it was over.  Also, seeing my cards being passed around and then collecting them again, with so many names added to them, was kind of cool to see in a weird way.

What was it and who did it?  Why did you respond to it so strongly? 

Gosh, there were so many memorable presentations, it’s hard to pick just one. I think everyone was very brave to talk about their fears in class and did a great job.  I guess they way I’ll do this is by a couple that really touched me and got my emotions going.  The first was Robyn.  Despite what she thinks about her video skills, I thought her presentation was really moving.  It made my heart race a little and brought tears to my eyes.  I don’t have any children of my own, but have nieces and a nephew that I am very close to.  My sister even recently referred to me as sort of a  “second parent” or something like that, to my nieces.  I am extremely close to them and the thought of anything happening to them frightens me to death.  It makes me scared and sad and very angry all at the same time.  If somebody did something to them and I caught them…I’m not sure what I would do.  

Another person that really touched me and brought tears to my eyes, was Sarah Dixon.  When I was listening to her story about the day she woke up and couldn’t hear, I was picturing it in detail and it really got to me.  I really felt for her and it broke my heart to hear her story and know what she went through. 

How does it impact how you see your own project?

I guess Robyn’s makes me feel like maybe I should have done something a little more creative and Sarah’s makes me realize how grateful I should be.  I am the type of person who always thinks I could have done better…but I am still pretty happy with how my presentation went.  Those three weeks were nice little therapy and bonding sessions.  I am glad it is over with though…lol.


What has stuck sideways?


3 things I remember from class thus far:

1. The bead assignment threw me for a loop at first, but when I realized she really meant what she said, when she said we could do anything with it, I felt more calm and was able to think of things to do with a bead that I certainly never would have thought of before.  It was an interesting experience.

2. The next thing that pops into my head is the totem/do something unexpected assignment.  Again, at first I was like, “Okay, what in the world am I going to do?” but then I reminded myself that she really does mean our options are open and limitless.  Spending an hour in my bedroom (somewhere I haven’t been spending a lot of time lately), just going through my things, looking through random objects/memories and going through my camera and computer looking at photos and videos, was a really nice refreshing time. It made me realize that I really need to rearrange my life/the way I do things.  I really need to work out a schedule that allows me to get my work done in a timely manner, but also allows time for relaxation and fun.  We (or most of us anyway) do need time to ourselves to let go and “recharge.”  It was a nice smack in the face.

3. This fear assignment coming up has me nervous and scared funny enough.  I’m sure that’s part of the point.  This should be interesting.


How has my experience in this class been different from other classes…?  Really Beth…?  Really?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  All of the other classes I have ever taken (in my life) have had so many rules and restrictions.  This can be a good thing (for me at least) sometimes, but it can also be a mother of a limiter.  Sometimes, when restrictions are so narrow, it doesn’t allow you to fully utilize your creativity.  I like the idea of this class, to really open yourself up and expand what you previously thought about how to do things, about creativity.  I love it and will continue to experiment with myself after this class is over.  Wow…that doesn’t sound right.  Lol.

From the rest of the class, I would like to get a better sense of who I am and what I am really capable of when I don’t have restrictions.  I would like the whole idea/point of this class to really sink in and stick with me for the rest of my life.

March 5th class reflection


Once again, it was fun and interesting seeing all of the creative things people did with their projects.  I really liked the the Mario painting made from food/candy sources, the ball of movie ticket stubs, the drift wood sculpture and the water light bulb rainbow.  The talk about the fear project makes me nervous…lol.  

Unexpected Improv


Suraj Kumar Choudhary and I worked on our assignment together. At first we took time to think about both of our totems and realized when it came down to the core, these were both things we did to simply pass the time. They were things we could do constantly without stopping and sometimes things we did without even noticing we did them. We evolved this concept into hearing things that you normally don’t think you are hearing. We decided to go with sounds you hear in a classroom. You might recognize a few.  The link to the audio can found on Suraj’s blog at: http://surajsideways.blogspot.com/

Take away from totem day


It was interesting to see what everyone brought in today as their totem.  There was a lot of variation, but also quite a bit of similarity with some of the things people brought in. I liked to see people starting to open up a bit more too.  I also enjoyed Beth’s demonstrations of how to play a broken bird cage and a singing bowl.  My favorite part of class would have to be the BUBBLES! I waved beth’s wand of happiness which released loads of BUBBLES. Did i mention there were BUBBLES! BUBBLES are the BEST. I could blow BUBBLES all day i mean….BUBBLES complete me!  (Sorry janitors…)