N102 Final Project


This is the one created from scratch using Photoshop.  I used the elipse tool, fill, brush tools, and blending mode to create this outer space type image.

. wright-amanda-from-scratch

Screen Shot-From-Scratch




This is the one aimed towards children.  I also created this one from scratch, using Photoshop.  I used various sizes of the paint brush and different layers to created this cartoon little chinese girl.


Screen Shot-For-Children



This photo is a still I took from a video that I personally shot.  This is the one based on a color.  I used the Quick Selection tool to isolate the guitar from the rest of the picture.  I then used Hue/Saturation to remove the color from everything other than the guitar and to boost the vibrancy of the guitar a bit.  I also added a vignette around the entire photo.







This is a photo that I took.  This is the one based on a photograph.  For this one I started off by painstakingly using the Patch tool to meticulously remove/perfect the pores on the subjects nose, some blemishes on her cheek and a few marks on her hands.  I then used Levels to adjust the overall “lighting” and color of the image.  I also used Hue/Saturation to boost the overall color a bit.  I then added a slight vignette to put more focus on the subject.








This is the one based on typography.  I created custom text brushes using the words “Heart” and “Break.”  I then went in and created a drawing of a broken heart, using the new word brushes.





I combined the next two photos (Courtesy of Morguefile.com) to create one final photo.  I used a combination of the Quick Selection Tool and the Lasso Tool to select and isolate the butterfly, to remove it from its original picture.  I then placed it on the dogs nose, adjusted it using the Transform function (including resizing by scale, perspective and distort) and changed the color of it using Hue/Saturation.  I then used the Quick Selection Tool to select and isolate the dog and used Color Balance to adjust the color of the dog to a more lively, golden color.  Here are the original links to the Morguefile images:  http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/877336    and   http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/863579.











I used the following two images from Morguefile, to create the third image.  This is the one “of my choosing.”  I first dragged the tarsier image onto the one of the building.  Then I isolated the tarsier from the rest of the image, using a layer mask.  I adjust the size by using Transform.  I placed the tarsier on the building and adjusted the Exposure and the Saturation of the tarsier.  I then added the text “King Who?” to the image.  Here are the original links to the Morguefile images:  http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/679641    and    http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/865184









This is the completely vector one.  I created this scene of a bear watching a sunset, from scratch in Illustrator using the Ellipse, Rectangle and Paintbrush tools.









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